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CURAConference™ is the premiere healthcare and related industries conference and event planning and consulting company. We plan our own events around relevant and timely topics in healthcare; and we also work with other organizations in design, planning and implementation of similar events. From easy one-hour teaching or lecture series to multi-day functions, CuraConference works on providing the most valuable experience for all parties as possible–hosts, sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, and public relations.


The CURAConference™ team is made of industry professionals with decades of experience in healthcare and event hosting and planning. Our team includes individuals experienced in healthcare regulations, healthcare law, attorneys, physicians, business development and sales, operations and logistics, graphics and design, and others. This experience and knowledge allows for the planning and execution of strategic and thoughtful events that provide valuable to all participants.


Ultimately, CURAConference™ is the turnkey solution for conferences and events focused on the healthcare industry. For more information on our team and how our solutions can benefit you, please contact info@curaconference.com

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